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"Never Mistake Activity
for Achievement"
Researching Health Care Costs

Health Care can be very expensive. In 2010 alone
the U.S. spent  $2.6 trillion on healthcare. That is
about $8,400 per person.

Researching health care costs for best price and quality can be difficult. There are many variables
used in determining the price of medical treatment, and generally associated costs are not public for
they are predicated on provider, place of service
and payer.

​The best way to help control your health care
costs is to become a knowledgeable consumer.
Be certain  to speak with your provider. Ask if there
is a generic or lower-cost option on medications
that still provide high quality.

Compare the information your doctor gives you
with other facilities.

Below are a link to sites with a plethora of
information you may use to identify providers
with best outcomes and prices:

- New Choice Health

You may even contact your health insurer for assistance. Do Your Research!



Brown & Brown Metro, Inc. would like to extend a special greeting of thanks, this is our  time to express
to our sincere appreciation for your  confidence and loyalty.

We are deeply thankful and extend to you our best wishes for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving Day.
May the good things of life be yours in abundance,
not only at Thanksgiving but throughout the coming year.
Holiday Safety At Home
 A message from Personal Lines

Picture our perfect holiday. Perhaps You hear family members laugh while the fireplace crackles in the background. Or you enjoy your favorite holiday meal surrounded by friends and the glow of candlelight in your carefully decorated dining room.

With all the holiday buildup, you might not be thinking about Fire Safety, you can help preserve these peaceful memories by doing a little preparation.

Know the Dangers
Nearly 156,000 fires occur during the winter holiday season. There are 4 main fire hazards that every home owner should know.

Properly dispose of fireplace ashes.  
- Check Your detectors

2. Candles- Never leave candles unattended

​3. Extension Cords and Holiday Lights.
- Don't Overload your extension cords and make sure to inspect them
-Keep them out of reach of children and pets

4. Space Heaters
-Avoid using extension cords.
-Check Circuits
-Do Not leave unattended 
Discuss these tips with your family to help ensure a safe and happy holiday for everyone.

Happy Holidays!
Your Brown & Brown Metro, Inc. Personal Lines Staff


Ebola Breakout in U.S. (Live Well, Work Well)
By now everyone has seen or heard the news that Ebola has reach the United States. Even though it is a highly infectious virus, it is the most difficult to contract. Ebola can only be contracted through bodily fluids that enter through open cuts or abrasions on the skin. It also does not become contagious until the carrier begins to show symptoms. 
Most of the early symptoms are similar to the flu and other ailments. 
A few of the symptoms are:

-  A fever higher than 101.5
-  Severe Headaches
-  Weakness
- Abdominal pains
- Unexplained bleeding or bruising.

​If  you begin have any of these symptoms, immediately go to a doctors office to have check as a safety procedure and for awareness. 


Succeed with Social Media
"Mobile Optimizations"

Smart phones are owned by over 90% of Americans. Using the internet on it has become a common practice. With the widespread use of mobile internet it has made it possible for businesses to adapt to how customers and prospects access your websites.

Crafting a mobile-friendly sites makes it easily accessible on all mobile devices which is important for business.

Here are some tips to consider with optimizing your site for mobile devices:
  • Avoid large graphics
  • Use a Single column and collapsible navigation for the site.
  • Feature a click-to-call number with easy access contact information.
  • Make it "thumb friendly" by spacing out links.
  • Make visual cues for loading page.
  • If service or good are sold online include a "Buy" button and a shopping cart.
  • Reduce typing and scrolling needed.
  • Give users options to switch between mobile and desktop version of site
With using these tips  it helps businesses reach newer heights.


Online Enrollment In Federal SHOP Exchange available in 2015
Online enrollment will be available for the first time in the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Exchange. Small employer with up to 50 employees will be able to participate in it, by 2016 this will increase to 100 employees. Then in 2017 states may allow businesses with over 100 employees to participate in the program.

When online enrollment is available on November 15, 2014 employers will be able to choose coverage , complete an application,  and enroll online through . Employers may also use an agent or broker to help complete the enrollment process.​

To see if you qualify for enrollment  
Click Here
Ways To Halt Diabetes in its Tracks

Type 2 diabetes is a serious disease, and can be very difficult to manage. Type 2 diabetes can often be prevented, or even controlled with certain tricks.

Some ways to reduce and/or control the risk of diabetes:
  • Exercising-
    • Do Something you enjoy
    • Try to get spurts of physical activity throughout the day 
  • Eating right-
    • Watching portion sizes
    • Eat more healthier snacks
    • Avoid drinking calories
    • Be wary of dining out


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